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4 Signs You Need AC Service

The air conditioner in your house is working hard to cool the home no matter how hot the temperatures get. All of this hard work can take its toll on the AC however and you may need to call for hvac services baltimore md. If you notice signs that the AC isn’t working the way that it should, pick up the phone and make that call. Some of the most common signs that you need AC repair include:

1.    No Air: When the AC doesn’t cool the house whatever, it is an emergency situation that needs immediate professional attention. You do not want to endure the heat any longer than necessary.

2.    Warm Air: Another common sign that your air conditioner needs repaired is when there is a unit that is blowing out warm or hot air. You expect to be greeted by fresh, cool air when you turn on the air conditioner. When the air is warm, it could be a variety of problems but the pros can resolve them all.

3.    Strange Noises: When the air conditioning unit makes strange noises, there is trouble that needs to be addressed quickly. Whether it is a squealing or squeaking noise, bangs, knocking, or something else, do not delay a call to the pros to learn what is causing the noise and how to get it repaired.

4.    Odors: Foul odors can quickly put a damper on the day but this is a common problem that many AC units experience. The odors are oftentimes caused by mold breeding in the evaporator coils. Professionals can remedy this problem fast.

hvac services baltimore md

If the signs say that there is a problem with the AC, do not wait around to see what happens. This will not be a good outcome.  Pay attention to the four common signs of AC trouble are those that you simply cannot ignore if you want to keep the AC operating at its best.